Introduction to Part 3 – The Accountable Citizen

We now begin part three of the STAR Citizen course – the Accountable Citizen.

To be accountable means to be willing and able to answer for yourself to people who depend on you. Sometimes people depend on you whether you want them to or not. You may not want society to depend on you, but it does. Society depends on you to pay your share of taxes, to work and support yourself, to be responsible for your own family, and for you to respect everyone else’s rights.

To be accountable means that you take responsibility for what you’re supposed to do. To be accountable is to own up to your actions and decisions, and to answer for yourself.

Accountability can be difficult because it means we have duties and obligations. But a good member of society is able to answer for himself or herself because he or she is accountable, makes wise choices, and is willing to accept the duties that come with the rights we all enjoy.

An accountable person is self governed and trustworthy, but is also someone someone who takes responsibility for their actions and decisions. An accountable person is committed to their goals and is willing to put in the work to achieve them. They are also honest and transparent in their dealings with others, and they communicate clearly and effectively. When it comes to family, an accountable person is someone who takes their role seriously and does everything they can to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. They are someone who is there for their family in good times and bad, and they are committed to building strong, healthy relationships with those closest to them.

We have accountability on many levels, including to the people closest to us – our families. We also have accountability to our friends, employers, to the government, and to society as a whole. 

In Part three – The Accountable Citizen – we’ll explore what it means to be accountable in our family relationships, in our work, and to society. We’ll discuss some of the specific obligations we have that come with the rights we enjoy, and we’ll discuss the character traits of an accountable person.

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