Introduction to Part 2 – The Trustworthy Citizen

We now begin part two of the STAR Citizen course – the Trustworthy Citizen.

Trustworthy can mean a lot of things, and we mean all of them. Sometimes we talk about trusting people, we mean that we know they’re part of our team or that they are true and loyal friends. When we trust someone we know they’ll be loyal to us. Other times when we talk about trusting someone it’s because we think of them as truthful, which means we can believe what they tell us. Another form of trust is when we know we can trust that our belongings will be safe around someone, and that we can trust that they won’t cheat us. In other words, being trustworthy means that you aren’t the kind of person who will steal or damage someone else’s things. Other times when we talk about trusting someone it means that we can rely on them or depend on them to do what they’re supposed to do.

A STAR Citizen is trustworthy in all four of these types of trust. 

A STAR citizen is loyal. A STAR citizen is loyal to his or her friends and family, to his or her team, and to the United States of America. A STAR citizen doesn’t talk behind people’s backs or betray their trust. Loyalty is important because it helps build strong relationships and creates trust between people.

A STAR Citizen is honest. Honesty means telling the truth, but in this course we simply call that “truthfulness”. By honest we mean respecting other people’s property rights, not stealing from them, and not cheating them. Honesty is important because it is a crucial part of self-government and respecting other people’s rights.

A STAR Citizen is truthful. This means being honest and straightforward in what you say and do. It means not hiding information or being evasive. When you are truthful, you are open and honest in your communication. Truthfulness is important because it builds trust between people and creates a sense of transparency.

A STAR Citizen is reliable and dependable. This means being someone that others can count on to do what you say you will do. It means showing up on time, keeping your commitments, and being consistent. When people can rely on you, they are more likely to trust you and feel comfortable depending on you when they need help.

A STAR Citizen, by being trustworthy, builds strong relationships and creates a sense of safety and security in his or her interactions with others. By being loyal, honest, truthful, and reliable, we can earn the trust and respect of those around us.

In the next three lessons we’re going to talk about the different types of trustworthiness. We’ll start with patriotism, which is an essential component of loyalty – loyalty to the United States of America. We’ll move into the importance of loyalty to friends and family and to other teams we may be a part of. We’ll then discuss honesty and truthfulness, and finally we’ll cover reliability and dependability.

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