Conclusion of Part 2 – The Trustworthy Citizen

You have now completed part 2 of the Star Citizen course – the Trustworthy Citizen.

In this part we have covered the different types of trustworthiness: loyalty, integrity, truthfulness, and reliability. We discussed what these different types of trustworthiness are, the character traits of a trustworthy person, and how to work on and improve our own trustworthiness. 

Being trustworthy is an essential part of being a good member of society, and of being a STAR Citizen.

Congratulations on completing Part 2, The Trustworthy Citizen. Part 2 is the longest part of the STAR Citizen program, which means that you have completed more than half of the course. You are well on your way to becoming a STAR Citizen! We look forward to working with you to complete the remaining parts of this course.

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