Conclusion of Part 1 – The Self-Governed Citizen

You have now completed part 1 of the Star Citizen course – the Self-Governed Citizen.

In this part we have covered the nature of freedom and liberty in the American system. In summary, we concluded that every person is equipped with a conscience which helps us know the difference between right and wrong.

Because we know the difference between right and wrong, we recognize that people have rights, and we organize communities to join together to protect people’s rights. We learned that the government exists to protect rights, and that to protect rights the government has to sometimes correct people who violate other people’s rights.

We also discussed the American system’s preference for freedom, and that because we value freedom we have a limited government that requires the people to govern themselves. Self-government is the practice of individuals controlling themselves and respecting the rights of others so that they don’t need constant supervision by the authorities.

Some motivations for violating other people’s rights include envy and ingratitude. We also discussed how to conquer envy and how to develop contentment, and how to use the positive attitude of admiration to gain inspiration from the accomplishments of others. 

Congratulations on completing Part 1, The Self-Governed Citizen. You are well on your way to becoming a Star Citizen! We look forward to working with you to complete the remaining parts of this course.

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