Introducing the transformative STAR Citizen course, exclusively offered at The American Institute for Self Government. This comprehensive online class is meticulously designed to cultivate exemplary members of society. Divided into four parts, each focusing on the essential character traits of a model citizen, this course sets the foundation for personal growth and a healthy respect for the rights of others.

In the STAR Citizen course, participants explore the principles of self-governance, trustworthiness, accountability, and respect, and learn to appreciate the uniquely free society we enjoy in the United States. Through thought-provoking lectures and interactive quizzes, students gain profound insights into their rights and duties within the American System. By emphasizing self-control, honesty, reliability, loyalty, patriotism, accountability, and respect, this course instills the values necessary to foster harmonious relationships with other individuals and with society as a whole. Completion of the STAR Citizen course culminates in the prestigious STAR Citizen Commendation, a testament to one’s commitment to personal responsibility and ordered liberty. Join us today and unlock your potential as a responsible, respected, and impactful member of our society.

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